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by Vic Cranfill on Boat Insurance Reviews
Read the fine print

UMW is relatively inexpensive but if you have to file a claim do your homework first.

Call immediately.

Do no repairs until they investigate (could take a while), even the slightest repair

Be able to identify a single event that caused your damage

Expect the estimate for repair to be "depreciated" (not necessarily replacement cost)

My boat was dry docked while getting a bottom job. Heavy rains came while it was on blocks and water leaked through a port view window. Water 6 inches deep damaged my aft stateroom to the tune of about $5000. UMW tried to get me to cancel the claim before they even investigated.

The claims agent told me, on the first call, that the claim could (and was) denied because I couldn't tell them exactly what day the rain came. I had started repair because the boat was full of water, and because I didn't report it the day it happened, although I didn't find out for weeks after the rain events because the boat ramps at the lake were flooded.

You'll save money with UMW but you won't get a claim paid unless it is a single, catastrophic event. Even then, unless your boat is a total loss, expect the claim to be reduced by "depreciation".

by Linda on Boat Insurance Reviews

When I read a review and I find that someone says that their boat has been sitting in a shop for 6 months after it was damaged I say buyer beware about this insurance company.

by Fish Pro on Boat Insurance Reviews

Their application was faster than I had anticipated. I have not had any claims yet but their reps seem competent.

by Ned on Boat Insurance Reviews

We have our insurance with United Marine and have been satisfied with the policies and service. We haven't had any claims so can't comment on that aspect.

by dr on Boat Insurance Reviews

I have been using them for years and have never had a problem... Until I made a claim.

Claim made in March/April of 2010. It's January, 2011 and it remains unresolved as my boat sits at the repair center collecting storage fees!

Spoke with the president of the company (since we are 10 months in with nothing done) and he said he would personally look into it.

Suddenly the claim rep starts returning our calls but during the last conversation, rep says the claim is denied. Then in the same breathe says an offer of $1,600 is "on the table". So is it denied or is it not denied?

In any event, the estimate to repair is over $5,000!

They have no problem cashing your premium checks however they have a HUGE problem honoring claims.

Now, our claim rep hangs up on us when we call. Now we have to get lawyers involved.

(I only gave them 1 star because that was the minimum. I would give them negative if I could.)


by William on Boat Insurance Reviews

Their reps helped answer a lot of questions I had, and they got my quote really fast. Their top on my list of prospects so far.