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With Progressive’s specialized boat insurance coverage, you can relax knowing you have the coverage you need for your boat or PWC.

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by Steve on Boat Insurance Reviews

Progressive can insure automobiles, but they know absolutely nothing about boats. They don't use maritime terminology and don't have any idea what they are talking about. Their rates can be good and can also be bad. Their underwriters also do not know anything about boats either. I received a horribly high quote on a dinghy that had no engine and a really low quote on an offshore sailboat that had a lot more exposure. A friend's boat was de-masted offshore and Progressive did not pay the claim (until an attorney was hired) because they wanted the owner to carry the busted mast back with him on his damaged vessel.

by Steve on Boat Insurance Reviews

Horrible. Had Progressive for over 10 years. Great rates, but lousy on claim payouts.

by Nick on Boat Insurance Reviews

Been with them for years, auto, home car and when I bought a more expensive boat I was told they would not insure over 250K. Goodbye Flo.

by John on Boat Insurance Reviews

I had an electrical fire and damage from the fire extinguisher. They would not cover it. the boat is still less than a year old. They said it was a wiring or structural breakdown of the wiring and therefor a boat dealer problem. That is very infair. I am shopping for better insurance. Their price is good but, you get what you pay for NOT MUCH. Reps were a pain to deal with too.

by Mark on Boat Insurance Reviews

Great insurance! I had a very bad accident and my boat was determined totaled. I received a fair amount for the boat and the adjuster came to me and worked with me every step of the way.I would recommend them to everyone.

by Lacey on Boat Insurance Reviews

Not sure about the other comments, but we have been with progressive for over 8 years. Every year I get quotes from other boat insurance companies in the hope of getting a better price. I have never found a better price. Progressive has always been great over the phone when asking questions about our policy.

by J Holm on Boat Insurance Reviews

Beware- Only a collision or hurricane( or similar) event will be covered. My bost almost sank because a wire to the bilge coroded. It was not covered.

by Kyle on Boat Insurance Reviews

Wow are they expensive. Went to Ski Safe.

by Brad on Boat Insurance Reviews

Been with them less than a month. When I received the quote online it look reasonable so I signed up. As soon as I went t o the payment screen the price was 200 more! I determined it was because my son had a ticket for speeding. OK fair enough.

Then I get the policy and I find out I am not in the top tier premium bracket. I call. It is because I have activity on my credit report. Not bad credit activity. The "model" determined that because I had three credit inquiries in the last two years it put me in the third tier. I'm done.

So doing some searching i find BoatUS. Better coverage. And get this, premium went from 978 per year to 189 per year! Holy mackerel!!

I know people won't believe me but I have no axx to grind. Check it out for yourself. If you want proof, reply and I will email you both Progressives and BoatUS documents.

by No Name on Boat Insurance Reviews

Progressive does not care about their own customers, all they care about is ripping you off. Their representatives do not know what they are talking about and they do not call back. Even the managers don't respond when you leave them a message. They figure if they ignore you, then you will just shut up and go away. I am very, very unhappy with Progressive and I hope other people don't get FOOLED by their pretty little commercials