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The experts at Boat U.S. have been insuring boats and only boats since 1966.  They provide low rates and broad insurance coverage for recreational boats and PWC nationwide.

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by Robert K on Boat Insurance Reviews

First time boat owner and sailboat was damaged by Shipyard two weeks after purchase. Spoke with BoatUS and started claim but the lack of communication, follow up, and direction is disappointing to put it mildly. Absolutely zero progress has been made, and it seems like BoatUS is too busy to deal with my sailboat. I would not recommend BoatUS.

We filled a claim the end of Feb. It is now Aug and we still are unsure what they are going to do. They can't give us answer and they keep coming up with excuse after excuse. Just when we think were getting closer they transfer our claim to another supervisor. They must have a ton of supervisors. We keep getting the run around. Our parents boat got damaged too and they have Famers insurance they got there check for $35,000 no questions asked and they got it one and a half months after the roof came down on our boats. BoatUS is the cheapest insurance company that we found when we bought our boat. But you definitely get what you pay for. They may be cheap, but if something happens to your boat all I can say is good luck!! We are now going to hire a lawyer.

The boat was dropped while storing the boat for winter. They had the adjuster say it was a manufacture defect so they did not half to pay the claim.

Great first experience yesterday with BoatUS on the Bay. Tom from BoatUS was prompt and could not have done a better job towing us in. Very courteous and professional.

Great first experience yesterday with BoatUS on the Bay. Tom from BoatUS was prompt and could not have done a better job towing us in. Very courteous and professional.

You never know how good an insurance company is until you suffer a serious loss and have to submit a claim. Unfortunately I had the misfortune of such a claim, through no fault of my own, and there were serious injuries as well. From my first telephone call to report the accident on a Sunday evening, I was able to reach someone on the phone quickly who gave me proper information on what to do next, through the entire claims process, the BoatUS claims department was first rate and professional. Fortunately, the injured are fully recovered and all medical bills as well as the boat loss was fully paid promptly. BoatUS is now insuring my new boat.

Average at best. Average prices, average reps and average response time. BoatUS is average all around which is not all bad. I cant say there was anything bad with them at all but nothing that wows me.

by Angelika on Boat Insurance Reviews

We filed an underwater damage claim on May 19th, 2012. Today is July 10th and the claim and repairs have not been completed. I keep getting "oh, the adjuster hasn't yet finished his report" and other constant excuses. Boat US was the least expensive of all other quotes and I figured since their business revolves around boats, they would be quick and efficient. ABSOLUTELY not the case. They are all on boat time and we have lost 9 of our 20 weeks of boating here because of seasonality. If you want quick service, go somewhere else. Sigh.

by WaterMom on Boat Insurance Reviews

We've had Boat U.S. for 8yrs now, filed 1 claim (stereo, woofers, equipment, witing etc stolen)and they took care of everything, easy peasy! Very Happy w/ their service.

BoatUS is an independant insurance agency that sells policies for insurnace underwriters, or companies. They are one who has boat specialists. They do seem to have a pretty good reputation.

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